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Asteroids As A Job

Asteroids As A Job

Sorry, once again, for my lack of activity. I could have drawn asteroids, but it was easier for me to play it at and screenshot it, then pour the screenshot into Gimp and add stuff, which I guess makes this more like a meme than a comic. Oh well, I've got other work today anyways.


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I used to mainly program in Lua, but now I am learning C. I also know basic bits of HTML and CSS. My most current project is a 2d platformer engine sorta thing written in C with the allegro library, with working bounding box collision. If you program in Lua, and you use Love2d to make games, you may want to check out my game base.

Stuff I coded and compiled

If I programmed it and did a formal build for all kinds of various platforms, you can find it here.